How do I tie the knot correctly on the kendo-gi?

by Elle

How do I get the knot go horizontal? I've just bought my first hakama and kendogi and my sensei explained why the knot needs to be horizontal. Every time I try it is vertical.

Answer: It is very hard to do if you are not used to. An easy solution is to try to wrap the first loop you made with the other string or himo from the other side.

So if you wrap the loop with the other himo from the top and that causes the vertical knot, try to wrap the loop from the underneath. If the vertical loop is a result of wrapping the loop from the underneath, then try to wrap it from the top.

It is hard to explain and must be difficult to understand how we tie the knot correctly by writings, so I want to introduce a website. This is how we tie the knot in kendo. When you put a tare, do, and men on, we use this tying method.

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