How do I begin?

by Brandon
(Lake Havasu, AZ, USA)

I am having trouble finding a dojo near me. The nearest one I have found is 161 miles away.

Despite this setback, I wish to begin training on my own as I continue to search.
What should I start with? Where do I begin?

Note: I own a shinai.

Answer: Please do start learning etiquette/manners. Many people start to learn how to swing their shinai at the very beginning. I am very sure that most of people want to learn how to use a sword. But before swinging a sword, you have to know how to behave at dojo.

For many people, footwork is a big problem. Therefore, I want to study footwork very well until you find a dojo near you. Swinging a sword is the easiest part of kendo.

This is what I say to my students.

"If you don't know how to move your body, you don't even reach your opponent."

This article, The 20th Anniversary of Sei Tou Ken Yu Kai, may be useful for you.

One of the Q&A, How to practice and gain more knowledge about kendo without a sensei in your country?, may be helpful too.

Good luck!

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