How to practice and gain more knowledge about kendo without a sensei in your country?

by umme
(Bandar Seri Begawan)

If no sensei or a kendoist who is an expert in kendo, how can we train kendo and earn more knowledge about kendo? Any ideas?

Answer: Make sure that you stay with Kendo-Guide.Com :) I am emphasising kendo basics here on Kendo-Guide.Com and also the budo aspect of kendo. These are important to follow if we want to continue kendo for life.

And I really recommend subscribing to Kendo World Magazine. The quality of the magazine is absolutely phenomenal. It introduces various aspects of kendo. It has histories of samurai, words from kendo masters (8th dan and 9th dan), academic research on kendo, medical advice for kendoists and more. Now you can read my article too :)

It is very important to have an access to the right resources. I am a subscriber to Kendo Nippon that is a Japanese kendo magazine. And, of course, the Kendo World Magazine. Yes, they come all the way to Indiana from Japan. I buy kendo related books off Japanese Amazon.

It costs a lot but I need to have good resources in order for me to instruct kendo enthusiasts here in Indiana and also to share the knowledge with Kendo-Guide.Com readers like you.

Start practicing kendo off the right materials like this website and Kendo World Magazines. I know it is hard to do but if you are really keen to learn, why not just start learning? A very popular book is available on Amazon called Kendo: The Definitive Guide.

Of course, Kendo World has great books that are originally published from All Japan Kendo Federation and other well-known kendo magazines in Japan. Kendo World translated the books into English. It is good idea to get them too.

The knowledge will be gained once you have the right resources, but training kendo without a sensei can be difficult. While not having a sensei, I want you to do what you can.

Follow the instructions (e.g. the basics instructed here on Kendo-Guide.Com) thoroughly and carefully. Practice the basics as much as you can until you will find fellow kendo enthusiasts in your country. Never give up. If you give up, there will be no way.

Where there is a will, there is a way. Please keep it in mind.

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