Grief and Kendo

by Kate R
(Portland OR)

I have been dealing with great grief and sadness in my personal life. I struggle to find the strength to stay positive and confident and it affects my practice.

Have you ever experienced this and do you have any advice on how to deal with a situation like this? I hope this isn't too personal. Thanks for your time and help.

Answer: Thank you for sharing your experience. And sorry for the delay of my reply.

Your question is very hard to answer because how to deal with grief and sadness is different from person to person.

Sometimes, you don't need to deal with those face to face. Kendo teaches how to control yourself physically and mentally but it doesn't mean you need to kill your feelings. It is more like you need to face yourself and admit your feelings.

In our life, we have good moments, bad moments and sad moments. When I lost my father, I was so sad. I am still sad that I cannot share moments with him. But I also learned a lot from him. I have good memoires with him.

Not sure if I answer your question. I hope you find your way.

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