Do You Have to Wear Keikogi and Hakama from the Start or Not?

by Odin

How is the true rule for a junior start practice the roots of kendo? Can he use kendogoi when he starts the way of kendo? Is prohibited using kendogi and instead of wearing normal training clothes when he starts?

HOW IS THE TRUE the true tradition for now. law ...


Answer: Thank you for your question and sorry about the delay of my reply. I am not sure what the TRUE tradition for now. However, if you want to be humble and respectful, you should wear kendogi and hakama at the dōjō if you are there to train. That is my opinion.

But since it is a bit expensive, some teachers are LETTING people try kendo with the normal training wear so they have some time to buy a set of kendo uniform, shinai and bokutō. And later, they will need a set of armour.

Hope this helps.

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