by Sean
(United kingdom)

My name is Sean. I would like to know if there are defence techniques you can practise alone.

Thank you

PS …I watch your youtube videos and think they are great. Keep up the good work. Bye

Answer: Thank you for your question. And thank you for your kind words! Very motivating!

We don’t really defence techniques but there are techniques called oji waza, counterattacks. I will leave the details on that page but I would like to mention some key points.

Even though you execute oji waza, i.e. you execute your technique after your opponent’s strike, you don’t want to wait. You need to keep putting pressure on your opponent. When your opponent cannot maintain their mental status nice and calm they will do something like striking you, stepping backwards or moving into a blocking position.

A counterattack is, of course, executed when your opponent executes a strike on you.

If you cannot execute any counterattacks but only blocked your opponent’s strike, make sure you will execute your strike when your opponent is done striking because it is one of the vulnerable moments.

Hope these help!

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