Combining kendo and Iaido (for example)

by Jesse
(Houston, B.C.)

I am very eager to learn Kendo at some point, as soon as I can find a dojo to train at.

I'm also very interested in Iaido, which obviously is very different from kendo. What I'm wondering is, is it normal to learn two different styles of martial arts at the same time, or would that be too confusing? Is it better to pick one martial art and stick with it, or can you combine techniques?

Better yet, is there a form of Japanese sword fighting that combines these two disciplines?

Answer: Thank you for your question. There are many people who learn both iaido and kendō at the same time. I think it is a good idea. Iaido helps learning kendō and kendō helps learning iaido too.

It is true that you may get confused but once you get used to it, you should be able to separate those. But after all, kendō is derived from kenjutsu and it was a part of training methods so go ahead and learn both.

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