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Dec 03, 2012
Re: Combining Kendo and Iaido
by: Chris George

I'm one of those people that is learning Kendo and Iaido simultaneously, and it has done nothing but augment my understanding of both arts. I've even seen people that start Kendo and Iaido at the same time with virtually no problems with confusing the two arts. Those that come in from learning unrelated martial arts, there might be some habits from whatever they spent their time with first, but it's not so different from the bad habits you'll certainly develop while you learn the art.

I have heard a lot of talk about people possibly being confused if they learn two arts at the same time, but then, that discounts the fact that humans have had to learn various skills simultaneously throughout our lives. Billions of people had to learn science, math and how to drive a car at the same time, so why would martial arts be any different? If both arts are available to you and you want to take them, then the only thing stopping you from taking those arts is you. The main factor that might hinder your development is how much time you're able to spend with each art, but that's going to be determined by whatever goals you set for yourself.

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thank you, Chris! It is up to practitioners, right? :)

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