Back pain when wearing men

by Chris
(South Africa)

I have bad posture, probably from working in front of a computer all day, but it is something I'm working on. 

However, whenever I put on my men, I start feeling an incredibly sharp pain just next to my shoulder blades. 

I suspect that with the bad posture, the additional weight of the men is stretching things in ways they're not used to. 

Are there any exercises I can do to help with this, or any guides on how to make sure my posture is 100%?

Thanks for your post.  Feeling a pain is not something you want to keep while you are practicing kendō. I understand how you feel.

To have a good posture, you may find "shizentai: It is not quite Natural Posture" useful.

I personally do a lot of physiotherapeutic upper body exercises for my shoulder injury. The one that may help you are putting shoulder blades together.

Just squeeze your shoulder blades so they get closer.

This is just an idea. You should go and see a doctor and figure out what the problem really is.

Hope this helps.

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