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Kendo-Guide.Com Newsletter, Issue #043 - What does kendo mean to you?
December 04, 2010

Kendo for LIFE

Kendo-Guide.Com Newsletter, Issue #043 - What does kendo mean to you?

Thank you for reading the Kendo-Guide.Com Newsletter, Issue #043.

G'day! How have you been? Sorry for the long silence.

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1. Additional Media for Interview with Alex Bennett

Addition to the video, you have 2 more media files.

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What do these mean?

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I personally find it more effective to listen to the same thing over and over until I memorize the content.

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Two: you can now read what's said in the interview. If you want to know the terms more precisely, it is super useful.

If you are not a native English speaker, this pdf file will help you a lot. I am not a native English speaker myself and I still remember how hard it was for me to understand native English speakers.

Especially if you are used to American English, you may find difficult to understand Kiwi (New Zealand) accent.

So here it is. I hope these additional media will help you to understand the interview deeper

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Now enjoy the updates!


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What we have in this issue is shown below. Enjoy this Newsletter!

Table of Content

- Kendo Q & A -

- What does kendo mean to you? -

- Comments or Questions -

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- Kendo Q & A -

- Tameshigiri

- Nito Ryu Strikes

- Why fumikomi-ashi in Kendo?

- Measurements for kendo uniform

- Order of bows at the beginning/end of training

- One shiai occurrence

- Feet position when doing sageto

- Hachimaki

- Kendo and reality

- history of kendo?

- Kendo Romanji and Kanji

- Back pain when wearing men

- What does kendo mean to you? -

Does kendo mean anything to you?

I am sure that you have a reason/s to choose kendo over many other martial arts.

- Some are interested in samurai culture. - Some are interested in Japanese culture in general. - Some are interested in Ruro ni kenshin (anime). - Some are interested in swords fighting. - Some are interested in philosophy behind kendo. - Some are interested in losing weight. - Some are interested in exercises through kendo.

Do you remember this post by Olga? Kendo among other martial arts

I am sure you have your reason why you do kendo.

One thing I am now interested in in kendo is its cultural and educational values.

Cultural Values

Kendo carries many rituals from old days. If you talk to young non-kendoists about how to bow or how to even wear hakama (kendo pants), they probably do not know how to do those.

If I am not doing kendo and not being asked why by you or my students, I probably did not know many reasons behind certain rituals.

In other words, if we remove those cultural values from kendo, it will be no longer "Japanese" culture. 

For instance, when we put a men on, we do not just time a mast around our head, right? We must look nice and tidy by aligning menhimo (strings) and flat. We do not want himo twisted.

This is a part of Japanese culture. Even a twist of himo should not be allowed. Must look beautiful.

I cannot remember the exact words but Moriji MOCHIDA sensei (10-dan) said,

"Our kendo must have hin in our kendo because we do not live in a war period."

Refer to "The meaning of hin"

If kendo was just a sport or a method of beating up others, we would not have to follow these cultural values. We are not only after "results" such as winning, losing, hitting or getting hit.

How to carry a shinai is also one of the cultural values that kendo has. How to draw out a shinai and so on. Without these cultural (historical) backgrounds, kendo is not really what it is.

Educational values

Unless you go to Physical Education University, you do not get degree on training kendo. So I am not talking about "degree" or "certificate" when I say "educational values" in kendo.

We all know kendo has teachings in it. We can apply these teachings in our daily lives. For example, we have a concept of zanshin,shikai and so forth.

What is Zanshin?

What is Shikai?

But not only these complex teachings that kendo teaches.

Appreciation and pain

We bow to each other before and after training.

Simply we are showing our appreciation because kendo without a partner, we cannot really train much.

Also we are appreciating our partner for letting us hit him/her.

We all know kendo involves some degree of pain.

Our partners let us strike them knowing that we may hurt them.

If we do not appreciate their action, there must be something wrong with us, don't you think?

And many people complain that their training partner hit them in somewhere with no armour covers. I remind them that they also do the same thing.

That happens in kendo. That is why we should not forget about appreciation and respect towards our training partners.

Because we understand the pain, we can appreciate what our training partners do for us to improve our kendo and our personality.

Of course, there are more teachings that I think carry the educational values such as zanshin for students (review what you learn at school), enzan no metsuke (look at a problem in many aspects) and so forth.

What is "enzan no metsuke"?

I hope this article helps you in some way.

- Comments or Questions -

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Thank you for reading the newsletter. See you in the next issue!

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