Kendo Romanji and Kanji

by Fabrizio Sartorelli

I tried several ways to find kanji related to kendo but is more difficult that I was thinking it would be.

The words Kendo is not difficult to find in Kanji.

But...Shikake waza, Oji Waza, Harai, Nuki, Kaeshi, Suriage, very difficult to find a correct romanji to Kanji Transliteration (for a non-Japanese speaking, of course..).

The reason of this search? Simple.

On YouTube there are several Japanese videos and not all of them have an English translation in the title...! And there are many interesting videos to watch...If only I could find and select them...

Answer: Thank you for your post. I agree that it is useful for non-Japanese people if they can recognize kanji and understand what they mean.

  • Shikake waza: kanji for shikake waza

  • Ōji waza: kanji for oji waza

  • Harai waza: kanji for harai waza

  • Nuki waza: kanji for nuki waza

  • Kaeshi waza: kanji for kaeshi waza

  • Suriage waza: kanji for suriage(we do not use a kanji for “suri” in general)

  • Zanshin: kanji for zanshin

Hope this helps.

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