Measurements for kendo uniform

by alan
(san diego)

I am taking off to Japan to visit a friend for the month of January. While I am there I am going to start taking beginner kendo classes.

My friend says it takes several weeks to make the uniform and have it ready for me upon my arrival to start training right away.

My question is though how do I measure for the suit. I had called an online store which did not provide much help.

Is it as simple as going to a tailor and getting fitted for a normal suit/tie or are there a bunch of other measurements I am not aware of.

Answer: Thanks for your post. I am guessing you mean “keiko-gi (top)” and “hakama (bottom)” by “suit”.

Now usually you need to tell the bogu shop how tall you are, the measurements of your chest and waist.

Now my advice is to get one when you get to Japan. Unless you need super special custom made uniform, you can get a set of uniform at a shop.

You can find a kendō shop anywhere in Japan unless you will be in a remote area. So don’t worry about it too much.

Just I am worrying about the situation you will be in. Are you going to be there for a long time or just a few weeks?

Make sure that wherever the dojo you are going to, you probably have to become a member of the dojo. That means you have to be accepted. They may not accept you if you are in Japan for a few weeks. You probably make sure what regulations are.

Just a concern.

Hope this helps.

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