1000 haya-suburi. What is the purpose?

by Valery Serezhkin

There is a kendo legend in Russia: Japanese kendokas do 1000 haya-suburi during the warm up. Sometimes even 2000 ones, but it is more often said about Korean kumdo-players. Is it true? If it is so, I am curious, why so many?

Answer: It did not surprise me at all. I used to do it when I was at high school. I am sure a lot of people in Japan and Korea do a lot of suburi.

People think suburi is warm-up but it is not. Suburi is a training method when we do not have a training partner.

That is why we do a lot of suburi. You do not have to do 1000 haya-suburi. Just do 300 and 500 men strikes.

Suburi is a good method to check our form and to enhance our concentration. It can teach us if we are in control of our sword or not.

A lot of suburi relax our shoulders; otherwise we cannot do so many. This simple method gives us patience and tips on how to fight “lazy self”.

Hope this helps.

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