Why my right hand tends to move down from the tsuba?

by Monica

Sensei, I usually move my right down from the tsuba instead of be closer to it.

First, I thought it was because I started to use the left hand to hit (I used to do it with the right hand), so, maybe to get used to use the left hand I loosen my right hand. But lately I started to think that maybe I find the tsuka too long. Could that be it?

I'm using a 38 shinai and my height it's close to 1.50m. I think it's the right measure, also, because of my age (and I’m a girl). Or could it be that maybe I try to hit with my right arm too high? I already read the answer you gave to someone who asked about of "how to know if I’m using the right hand".

Sorry for my English.

Thank you very much!

Answer: Thank you for your question. Your English is fine and don’t worry, I am not a native English speaker either ;)

Possible reasons that I think you are sliding your right hand to your left hand are…

1. Tsuka is too long

2. Either the right hand and/or the left hand is too height

3. Striking from too far (tō-ma)

1. Usually tsuka of 38 is shorter than tsuka of 39 but my advice is to cut it short so it fits YOU. The tsuka and shinai should be adjusted so they fit you. Of course, when you participate in a tournament, you should follow the rules and regulations of the tournament. So the shinai weight and length should follow the regulations.

2. This also tends to be a part of the problem.

3. People tend to slide their right hand when they think they cannot reach their target (usually men).

So check the height your hands and ma-ai. And try to shorten your tsuka first.

Hope this helps.

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