Why cannot I go backwards?

by carlo

Kamae Position

We have been told to maintain the proper Kamae Position... However, during keiko, we are told not to move/slide back but always go forward. What is wrong in sliding back in order to adjust to the proper distance?

Answer: Nothing wrong with “going backwards”. But I know why your instructor told you not to go backwards.

If you are at the level between a beginner and sho-dan, you are probably always told not to go backwards. You have to learn how to overcome the fear of getting struck.

Many people go backwards because they do not want to get hit or they are scared. It is almost always true when you have not done kendo for a long time.

For the first 5 years (at least), you have to learn how to strike i.e. going forwards. You do not have to learn how to go backwards because it is easy to do.

However, it is a lot harder to go forwards and strike your opponent.

When I do jigeiko with 7th dan or 8th dan, I try to strike going forwards. I have to try. You know why? It is because they put pressure on me by kiai and if I don’t try to go forwards, I am going backwards without knowing about it.

There is nothing wrong about “going backwards” but if you want to do kendo in the right way, I do not recommend going backwards too much.

Hope this helps.

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