Where do you keep your eye on while attacking?

by Thomas
(Atlanta, Ga, USA )

I have been told to keep your eye on my opponent's eyes. Do I keep my sight there as I make a cut to Kote or Do? While debana attacks?

Thank you.

Answer: Thank you for your question. When you are in chudan confronting your opponent, the way you should look at your opponent is called “enzan no metsuke”. You should not look at one particular area of your opponent body but your opponent’s whole body and also the background should be in your eye sight.

It is just like driving a car. You do not want to gaze at an object such as traffic light, pedestrian, rear mirror or other cars around you. If you do, you will have an accident.

You should be looking around without your attention stuck on one thing. This is how Takuan Soho explains Mushin in his book, Fudochishinmyo-roku, if I recall correctly.

Those targets are parts of your opponent. If you look at your opponent, those targets are already in your sight.

Hope this helps.

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