When to start kendo?

by Briana
(Midland, TX)

I'm currently a sophomore in high school but I want to learn kendo but there are no dojos where I live that teach kendo. The closest places that teach kendo are 4 hours away (that's one way).

What can I do to learn kendo without having an instructor or partner? And can I start kendo without having an instructor?

Answer: Thank you for your question and interest in kendo. Always it makes me happy to know that there are people who are interested in kendo.

4 hours’ drive on one way is too much for regular training. You may not be able to go every week but once every month or two?

If you can, that would be great and if you cannot, here is what I think you can do.

Contact the dojo, and ask for a seminar if there will be one. Try to attend the seminar. Be a part of the community.

Now the information I have here and www.kendo-for-life.com is what I learned from great senseis. I am just passing the info to you and others from them.

But knowing and performing are two different things. That is why you need an instructor to correct you.

So you can get info on kendo here and then get involved in the kendo community near you (the club that is 4 yours away from you and also seminars near you).

Hope this helps.

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