When sweat gets into eyes

by Olga

If we train hard sometimes it happens that sweat gets into eyes and it stings. When we have jigeiko series without resting that is the most actual.

And my problem is that in some cases I can't even open my eyes because of a sting. Then I just can half-open eyes for a very short time to see where the opponent actually is. Several times I even had to stop fighting because I wasn't able to open my eyes. :( Just like a cut onion is very close to eyes. A lot of eye water.

This doesn't happen every time, but when jigeiko lasts quite long without resting it happens.

I don't like stopping to have a rest, so this solution is not very good for me. Do you know any other solution for that problem?

Kendo-Guide.Com: Good one. Some people have a stick ready in their tare name (a bag with your name on your tare. I am sure people use a different name).  They used it when they want to scratch. You can get something like that but with a flat end so you can wipe your sweat.

I had this problem as well especially in summer. At the beginning of every summer when I started getting sweat, my eyes were burning because of sweat.  Eventually I got used to it so I was fine for the rest of the summer.

Hope someone else can give you a better solution.

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