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Nov 20, 2009
Convincing others
by: Gabriel

I watched all videos concerning jodan available on the internet and I'm still rechecking them day by day so I'm good with that.

The problem is that other people don't and they are sometimes not aware about some things that are considered valid or not ( e.g.: Some gyaku do (left do) ippons awarded at the Kendo Police Championships , Some sei do (right do) releasing the hand , etc etc etc ) .

I will follow your advice, thank you so much but this sometimes makes me a little sad.

Kendo-Guide.Com: Did I make you sad? Sorry. Have a y?k?-datotsu  (valid cut) study day or something. Get together and watch a video/DVD. It will really help everyone.

Nov 20, 2009
How do I convince them?
by: Gabriel

Sometimes I hear from my dojo mates that I should pass trough instead going towards them and crash into them.

Or sometimes during shiai geiko (match practice) they tell me they don't know about zanshin of jodan and they don't count my katate techniques as a valid cut or ippon (sometimes).

This happened to me more than 5 times, especially when doing katate kote.

How do I tell them? : )

Kendo-Guide.Com: You can suggest that you all should watch videos of high level matches like All Japan Kendo Championships and World Kendo Championships.

You must study when they get points and when they don?t. Watch a lot of videos and study them.

When you have a chance to train with people with a high rank, ask them to teach you about jodan. You must be humble when you ask them.

Jodan is considered to be an advanced stance and many people do not take jodan without permission from the person they train with in even jigeiko (sparring).

Tell them that you are studying jodan and you want them to give you advice.

If they allow you to take jodan with them, then it is OK. If not, do not get upset. Do not take it personally.

You just have to accept that and do jigeiko with them in chudan.

Hope this helps.

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