when i do haya suburi i always am off balence

by Rex

When I do haya suburi I always am off balance

When I do haya suburi I end up off balance can you tell me what I’m doing wrong. I generally have good balance whenever I stop I end up with feet to far apart (I am working on this). My footwork and men are synced. I just want to know what I might be doing wrong

Answer: Thank you for your question. You probably don’t snap up your left foot quick enough.
My suggestion is to do is slow first. Understand the mechanism. This video might help you.

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Sep 21, 2014
Thank you, Ron Sensei
by: Kendo-Guide.Com

Thank you for your comment and sorry for not being able to display your comment much faster.

Great suggestion as always. Thank you!

May 09, 2014
...and first start out with stepping
by: R. Fox

If you look at the video that Imafuji sensei posted, he starts out by showing the rythm of Choyaku/Hayai suburi by stepping rather than springing. I think it's important to practice in this way until you are comfortable with the balanace...slowly at first and then quicker and then with a bit of a spring...and then a bit faster. Be very careful when doing this practice:

* Keep your body from swaying
* Keep your body upright with your hips and head both moving forward and back...performing this suburi too quickly and your body looks like a pendulum -- the head stationary.
* Be patient and not in too much of a hurry to speed up...although I know in the dojo you will want to keep up with the other members.
* Practice the footwork at home...if you don't have a high enough ceiling just move your arms and hands like you are holding your shinai and practice the footwork and coordination that way.

This sort of practice is why I prefer the name I originally learned for this suburi: Choyaku suburi or springing suburi, rather than Hayasuburi which is fast suburi. Choyaku suburi gets across the idea that this is suburi with a specific footwork, rather than a specific speed.

Over the years various sensei (Yamanaka Shigeki sensei, Saito Shigeki sensei, Inoue Shigeaki sensei.....) have told me the purpose of this suburi is to improve the speed with which your left foot returns to position after a strike...and therefore improve the way in which you can make one attack flow into the next one and so-on.

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