When do I do a taito ?

I have seen Kendokas who did taito after their bow and walked 3 steps forwards to assume the sonkyo position.

It's confirmed by the rules of competition.

But I have seen this video about 50th AJKC where a Japanese sensei do a taito when he walks after two steps and draw the shinai out on the third step.

Could you explain me this, please ?

Answer: I do not want to say what you saw in the video is wrong but it is wrong.

However, we should also be aware of a possibility that there are some other teachings in Japan than the rules decided by International Kendo Federation.

For example, in kendo, we want to keep tsuka-gashira (the end of tsuka) in the centre of our body. However, there are some kenjutsu schools that teach their students to keep the tsuba (hand guard) in the centre of the body.

If you are not doing old style kenjutsu, you should follow what International Kendo Federation (FIK) tells you to do.

So the taito should be performed after you bow in and after you put your shinai away.

The timing of drawing your sword varies from sensei to sensei. I learned to draw my shinai out on the third step as a child.

However, at some point of my kendo life, I was told to draw my shinai out when starting to take the third step. So after the second step, the drawing motion starts. Now I do this now.

FIK sometimes changes these things as well. So you should be always aware of such changes.

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