What variations on the traditional Kendo study are there?

by Chad Peters
(Reidsville, Ga, USA)

Recently I ran across some curious videos (while doing research for a book I am writing) showing young girls practicing Kendo.

In these videos, they were not wielding the traditional Shinai, but rather something that more closely resembled a naganita.

Is this a variation in teaching, or an integral part of traditional Kendo teaching, also when were girls first allowed (that you know of) to study Kendo in Japan?

Answer: If you can give us a link to the video, it is much easier for us to see what they are actually doing. I just cannot imagine what they are using in the video. I am sorry for not being able to help you at this stage.

I don’t think girls were never allowed to practice kendo. They probably tended to practice naginata. So it is more like “custom”, I think.

There were and still are ladies who were born to budo schools. Even though they tend to study naginata-jutsu, they also study kenjutsu.

Again, I am sorry that I cannot help you with this. If I find out more about it, I will add it here.

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