What makes kendo unique among other martial art sports?

by april

What makes kendo unique among other martial art sports?

Every martial art sports like aikido and judo promotes self-defence and physical well being. Is kendo the same as aikido and judo?

Answer: Uniqueness of kendo, unlike other martial arts, is that we train ourselves mentally and physically through the principle of katana.

Samurai used to practice not only kenjutsu but also kumiuchi. Kumiuchi’s simple translation is “wrestling”. Back in the old days, when samurai lost their swords (weapons) in the battle fields, they had to fight without weapons.

So old style schools carry not only kenjusu and other weapons but also techniques without weapons. Some schools became specialised in sword techniques and other became specialised in naginata. Some became specialised in jujutsu and so on.

Since the sword was the major weapon that samurai almost always used and kendo is derived from kenjutsu, kendo sill maintains teachings and traditions from the samurai era.

I do not say that other budo do not have these teachings and traditions of samurai. But probably compare to other budo, kendo places much value on these teachings and traditions.

I am pretty sure that kendo is the safest budo, IF we take a good care of shinai. Kendo does not involve punching, kicking, throwing and submission (or joint lock).

Kendo is safe and good for physical and mental well-being. On top of it, it can give us wisdom, teachings and traditions of samurai.

There are articles of “benefits of kendo. Please take a look at the articles when you have time.

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