What kind of Bokuto should I get as a beginner with no dojo?

by Ahn
(Easton, PA)

I am a female student who is interested in starting kendo. My dad taught me how to do headcut and I like how I can exercise anywhere I want and it improves my focus.

I want to continue practicing but there is no dojo around me. So I won't be able to practice with a partner. Is there kind of bokuto or shinai you recommend (I only have budget for only buying one not both) for practicing at home? Is it different weight for bokuto for female's from the male's as well as the shinai does?

Answer: Thank you for your question. First of all, did you check this list? Please do and contact them. Even when they are not open or your first choice, they might have information that is not available online.

About Bokuto: We don't have the bokutō for female. I prepared the bokutō for kendo from Japan on Amazon since I want people know what kendoists use in Japan. I recommend that.

Hope this helps!

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