What is the process of starting a Kendo Club?

by Phillip

Greetings Sensei,

I have been studying Kendo (as much as a person without a dojo can) for a few years. The nearest dojo is simply too far away and so I would like to start my own.

Is there a process to this? Should I join the AUSKF as an individual and then try to go from there? Is there some kind of mentorship program I ought to reach out to? Would my students (if I managed to get any) and I be able to test and compete in Taikai?

It seems simple: Get a place, equip students, train. The more I try to map out a plan the more questions I have. Any advice would be absolutely appreciated.

A little about me, I have trained in battojutsu, one koryu and one gendai budo, for 13 years as of this writing and have been instructing students for about 5. I am certain I can pick up kendo well enough to share and learn alongside my students.

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