what is the high stance used for?

by jacob

I was watching a dojo training because I am thinking of joining them, and I saw one of them use what they called a high stance.

To me it looked like it left them open for attack. So what is it used for and what's the advantage that comes with it?

Answer: Thank you very much for your question. Both hands above the head? If so, that is called Jodan. It is considered to be an advanced stance. Why advanced?

With jodan, you are showing your body to your opponent. Nothing is protecting your body. But with the sword right above the head, you are ready to attack. Imagine how difficult it would be if using a real sword. This stance is with no guard to attack. You’ve got to have a strong internal energy to put pressure on your opponent since you cannot do so with your sword. That is why it is considered to be an advanced stance.

Advantages: You can strike with only one hand from the head so it can be faster and it can reach a target from a far distance.

Hope this helps.

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