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Nov 24, 2008
A little bit confused
by: J. Villarán

Thank you for your reply, Sensei. I am little confused. I read on the web the outline of "Kendo DVD Collection Vol 1 by Hidekatsu Inoue" video and in the part of fundamental techniques, he states "kukan datotsu" (which includes men, kote, do and tsuki but zenshin suburi style) and later "kukan datotsu with stomping footwork".

In that video, suburi is between kukan datotsu and kukan datotsu with stomping footwork, but it is not clearly stated as being part of kukan datotsu.

Now I have read the answer that kukan datotsu is every strike to an imaginary opponent with stomping footwork and now I am little more confused.

Thank you for your patience and reply.

Answer: I would say "kukan datotsu" includes suburi with and without fumikomi, whereas suburi refers to only kukan datotsu without fumikomi. Is it much clearer?

Don?t worry about it too much though. Some people have this definition and others have that definition.

So if Inoue sensei uses the definition mentioned above, it is his definition of kukan datotsu. Some other sensei may have different definition.

It is our job to know various possible definitions so that we can adjust our definition to theirs. I do that all the time.

Hope this relax you a bit. :)

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