What is kendo's fighting style?

Hi, I was looking into combat sports and came across Kendo.

I was interested since I've always wanted to learn to use a sword, but I'm not really sure if the fighting style is for me.

I usually dodge my opponent's attacks and strike back on the counterattack (I know this from play fighting with my friends.)

But most kendo fighters seem to just attack straight on.

I also have a second question - I'm scared my parents will tease me if I tell them I want to start kendo. They think I'm a scaredy-cat and constantly tease or insult me about it. What's the best way to break it to them?

Answer: Thank you for your question. We do not really dodge since we want to keep our posture straight. Well, I should say that we try not to dodge. And we do execute counterattacks.

Basically, kendō is not like a fight from samurai movies. Kendō is derived from samurai swordsmanship and it carries techniques and teachings from it. That is why you do not see any violent moves in kendō.

You just have to prove that you are not a scaredy-cat. As long as your parents are not against you starting kendō, then you can start it and never give up.

People do not trust words. People trust actions. Show them what you are capable of.

Hope this helps.

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