Weak inner muscles?

by Chris

My senior kept telling me that when I swing and hit, I look upwards. My sensei added that my inner muscles are weak and therefore I'm looking upwards all the time.

I honestly don't understand what she meant. Is there any way that I can strengthen my 'weak inner muscles'?

Answer: I am guess that you look up when you strike with fumikomi. I am hoping someone who’s specialized in training or medical field will answer this question. So I will give you some advice through kendō perspective.

Looking upwards when striking happens when:

  • Your arms are too stiff to control your sword, i.e. you are swung by your sword,

  • Your arms are stretched out too much (this pushes your head backwards),

  • Your lower body is left behind, i.e. you are leaning forwards to strike, or

  • You are not totally committed to your strike, i.e. you are holding your body backwards unconsciously.

Hope these helps you to tweak your strike.

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