Was it too quick for me to put armor on?

by Thomas

I started kendo 5-6 months ago and now training in armor. I trained only 2 times with the full equipment but I feel like a kendo-ka who has to learn all the basics of kendo for the second time.

There are a lot of things which are changing with the bogu like perception of distances and so on. I think it's normal but I am a bit worried about that and I would like to know if I should train without the bogu a bit longer or not.

My bogu is a second-hand bogu. I had an opportunity to buy this good quality bogu so I bought it.

I am a Belgian guy of 23 years old.

Answer: I do not think you have to go back to training without bogu. I think you should train without bogu on your own time and with bogu at your dojo. You have to get used to kendo in bogu so I suggest that you should train in bogu as well.

It does not matter what grade we hold, we should go back to the basics all the time anyway.

You are young so learn the basics with and without bogu. Learn the basics well and train hard. It will give you more chances to improve in the future. You are worrying about losing the basics you have learnt. You must care about your kendo a lot. I am sure you will be a great kendoist with the good basics. Good luck!

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