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by Jimmy

I'm interested in learning kendo, but more importantly nine kendo. Sadly in where I live there isn't a dojo that teaches it. But, from what I've read Miyamoto Musashi advices that it is best to practice the single sword first. In that case would it be ok to practice iaido before I move to the other place with niten? Or is it ok to directly learn niten kendo without any knowledge of the one sword?

Another question I have is whether or not there are any other federations in Japan besides the all japan kendo federation? Which are they and in what way are they different.

When it comes to the philosophy kendokas are supposed to strive for perfection, but at the end no one truly does. If you don't mind me asking how someone can be striving for perfection but know they will not get to it at the end?

thank you in advanced

take care

Answer: Thank you for your question and sorry about my delayed response.

First off, you wrote “nine kendo” but should it be “nice kendo”? If it is “nine kendo” then I must ask you to explain what that is.

Do you want to learn kendo or kenjutsu? These are two different things, even though kendo was derived from kenjutsu.

If you want to learn Niten Ichi Ryu, you have to find a dojo but it is very hard to find. And it is true that if you learn how to use one sword correctly you should be able to learn two more easily.

About perfection: It is because we might not achieve perfection, we strive to achieve it. If you are a climber you want to see what the peak looks like, right?

Hope this helps.

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