Use Kata in Kendo?

by David

Are you allowed to use kata forms when sparring in kendo?

Answer: Thank you for question. Yes and no.

For example, wakigamae in No.4 is useless in kendo. From wakigamae, it makes more sense to cut up but because kendo has become really fast and does not use bit cuts as used with katana, cutting up is not realistic. Plus, there will be no protection if you cut up so simply it will hurt your training partners.

You can use,

No.1: Men nuki men

No.2: kote nuki kote

No.3: Tsuki-kaeshi-tsuki (very hard to do)

No.4: Tsuki-maki-kaeshi-tsuki men (super hard to do so learn how to use your wrists from this)

No.5: Men suriage Men

No.6: Kote kaeshi kote

No.7: Nuki-do (do not do orishiki, kneeling down, it is simply dangerous for your training partner)

You probably cannot do as they are because like I mentioned, kendo strikes are smaller and faster. What you should learn from these are:

1. Distance

2. Opportunity

3. Tai-sabaki (body movements)

4. Ashi-sabaki (footwork)

5. Tachi-sabaki (the direction of your sword)

6. Tachi-suji (the direction of your sword and how it should be moved)

Hope this helps.

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Sep 21, 2014
Thank you, Olga!
by: Kendo-Guide.Com

Thanks, Olga! It was my mistake! It's been fixed!

Jul 16, 2014
by: Olga

Sensei, in #4 did you mean tsuki-maki-kaeshi-MEN?
If no, can you please clarify about 2nd tsuki... Thank you!

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