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Jun 23, 2010
to me
by: Matt

Looks like butsukarigeiko to me, or at least that is what I would call it.

Kendo-Guide.Com: Not quite butsukari to me. However different people have different definition on the same thing, so we just never know, I guess :)

Someone from Osaka Police may be able to tell us what it is since the demonstration was done by Osaka Police.

OH! There is an article about Osaka Police in Kendo Nippon so I may be able to find a name for that exercise! Let me take a look at the article!

Jun 22, 2010
Types of kakari-geiko...
by: Nicolas

In the first part in the video they practice ji-geiko (free sparring) and in the second part they do kakari-geiko.

Kendo-Guide.Com: Definitely kakari-geiko but one around 4:17 min is not just kakari-geiko. I think it has a pattern and they are doing it very fast.

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