Tsubazeriai in Yudanshas

by Jeong

When becoming a yudansha, I heard kendo becomes more... conservative. Like as in tsubazeriai, shodans should start to be more probing for openings, right? I somewhat had this problem... So, as a starting shodan (well not exactly) should I be more probing to find openings? What's your thoughts?

Answer: thank you for your question. My basic thought on tsuba-zeriai is that we should not remain in tsuba-zeriai for a long time, even though that's what we see in the modern kendō.

What I was told as a youngster, we should avoid tsuba-zeriai. So as soon as we get close to our opponent, we should execute hiki-waza.

If you think about the real fight with a real sword, tsuba-zeriai would not be a position you would like to stay for a long time.

Firstly, please learn how to do tai-atari (body crush, body check).

Secondly, we should learn how to execute hiki-waza. It is because if you don't know how to execute hiki-waza, you will not be able to do anything from tsuba-zeriai.

Then you should learn how to seek and make opportunities for you to execute hiki-waza from tsuba-zeriai.

Hope this helps.

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Aug 27, 2011
Junichi Haga's Secrets of kendo
by: Ron Fox

I recently bought the kindle version of Junichi Haga's Secrets of kendo translated from its appearance in Kendo Jidai. Here's an interesting quote that bears on this:

"The method for learning how to strike with all your strength was the Menuchi Taiataris. Through the act of bulldozing into the opponent, he taught the basics of body movement.

Menuchi Taiatari is ideal for learning how to move your center of mass. As much as possible move horizontally, and when you perform the body check [taiatari] you do not lower your head but rther make contact from the hips. By repeating this action you learn horizontal linear motion"

If, when you are unsuccessful, you always follow your initial attack with taiatari if you can't get free there won't be tusba-zeriai at all :-D

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thank you, Fox sensei. I should start doing tai-atari again?

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