Training with shoes on

by Bruno
(Culiacan, Mexico)

I found a nice place to practice close to my house where I can concentrate.

The only thing is that the floor is not suitable for being bare-footed.

I still can do okuri-ashi but with my shoes but I'm afraid I will develop a bad habit. Should I just find another training place?

Answer: I understand there are many places that are not fortunate enough to have a good wooden floor.

I myself had experiences to train on a concrete floor. But it wasn’t all. The concrete floor had cracks! We still trained with bare feet though.

If you cannot find any places with wooden floor, you have no choice. You have to train on the concrete floor. Preferably bare feet. But if it hurts or is too dangerous, you should wear shoes. But yes, there’s a strong possibility to develop bad habits.

Keep looking. You may be able to find a place with a good wooden floor.

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