Training with Bogu

by Michael Weeks
(Glenview Illinois )

Traditionally, is Kendo/Kumdo training done wearing the do and tare? Obviously, the men and kote are used for sparring. I've just started training this last January and recently promoted.

Answer: Thank you for your question. Once you become certain level, I would let you wear and tare. And when you become more advanced, I will let you wear kote so you will get used to it. Kote and men make a big difference. You will feel like a beginner again.

So I let my students wear and tare after they learned all the basics and then go over the basics again until they get used to the and . Then after that I will have them to wear kote to get used to it.

Not sure if this approach is "traditional" but it makes sense to me so I apply this at the dojo I instruct.

Hope this helps.

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