Training schedule/scheme

by Lloyd

I just started Kendo for about a week (1st April). Going to every class, 3 class a week. My sensei told me to work on my footwork before I get my shinai (asked if I could use a broom but bad habits will form so I didn't).

I did footwork for 5-10 minutes a day while watching TV or whenever I'm free. 4th April, I got my shinai. I normally just do up/down swing while checking my form. Doing 3 step strike, 2 step and to 1 step, 10 each. Basically working my way down to Haya Suburi and stop until I'm tired (almost the same scene in The Twilight Samurai movie). That's basically what I do everyday which all boils down to 10 minutes or less.

So I just want to know what kind of training scheme do you have in mind for a beginner.

Fan from Malaysia

Answer: Thank you for your question. You have just started kendo, welcome to the kendo world by the way!, so you should focus on getting the basic movements right.

You are doing 10 times on each suburi so I think that is very good. 10 times but very focused. And make sure you check your grip, feet positions, the height of your hands and shinai. Once you get the basic movements right, you will be sweet!

Good luck!

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