Training dummy for kendo

by Tim
(London. UK)

Has anyone made a training dummy for kendo practise at home. I thought of using a medicine ball for men strikes. With a few free minutes at work I thought of adding a spare shinai to help practise parrying moves. Any ideas ??


Kendo-Guide.Com: At my dojo in Japan, they have some dummies with used tires.

They have a firm triangle foundation (wood) so they won’t move easily. From the foundation, stick up a long wood vertically and attach another wood on that wood horizontally. It looks like a cross. Then, hook a used tire on top of the vertically positioned wood as the tire lies on the horizontally placed wood.

Sorry if I did not describe it well. I may have a video that may have these dummies in it.

At Mudokwan (Indiana, US), they put a bogu on a punching/kicking dummy. I don’t know how expensive these dummies but this dummy can take many strikes :)

Please post more ideas here. I am curious too.

Meanwhile, I will figure out how to make this machine.

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