Training Dilema

by Byron
(Rutherfordton, NC, USA)

It's been a while since I last posted a question. I'm still too far from a dojo to attend one (for now at least). My interest however, has grown stronger.

I was wondering if there was an effective way for me to practice basic cuts or even kata by myself or with another similarly challenged person.

I want to train but I have realized that unless I make time and find an effective way to practice, I won't be able to learn kendo. Please help me get started.

Answer: Thank you for your post. As we all know that it is very hard for anyone to study kendo without a good instructor. But if you don't have one, you have to know what information you should be following.

People with or without instructors tend to search more information; the Internet, magazines, books. I do not disagree with getting information from various resources but you have to stick to one thing.

For example, even though the kendo basics should be the same everywhere you go, there are many ways to achieve to perform the basics. And many people see the basics differently too.

It is very normal if you think about the number of people who practice kendo. But you have to listen to one person until you have the solid basics. Without nice and solid foundation, you cannot develop your kendo.

The most effective way to learn kendo is to repeat the basic movements over and over. The basic movements in kendo are fundamental. They are the ideal movements. That is why we practice these movements over and over throughout our kendō life.

The basics are not something we just stop learning. Try to make you basics as beautiful as possible. If you do that, you can learn anything very quickly when you become an advanced.

Hope this helps.

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