Tips to Overcome the Physical Differences in Kendo

No muscles? Not big? Not Young?
Don’t Need Any of That for Kendo

Big, tall, small, short... It doesn't matter in kendoAlways Ways to Overcome the Physical Differences in Kendo

Do you think the bigger is better in martial arts? Do you think the younger is faster? Male defeats female? Not in kendo.

One night, I was fighting a skinny and shorter person. I kept stepping backwards because I felt like whatever I would do wouldn't work at all on HER!

I was taller, bigger and older than her. And there is one more. I held higher grade than her. 

How small you are, how skinny you are, how big you are, how tall you are… or if you are a man or woman. It doesn't matter in kendo.

You know why?

Because kendo is not all about strength. It is about distance and timing. 

You want to know what's more?

It doesn't  matter how old you are. It is very common that old men in their 70s can seriously kick young people's butt. What do you think it means?

ChessMental Game: Experience, Tactics and Strategy

It proves kendo isn’t about speed either. You need experience not only in kendo but also in life. And you need tactics and strategies. It is a mental game, really.

If we want to be good at kendo, we must train not only physical side of our body but also mental side of our body. You need to learn how to control your emotions. The cooler you are, the better you become in kendo.

If you have a tendency to lose your self-control, your opponent will beat you effortlessly. That’s not what you want. So you should train to control yourself at the same time as learning kendo techniques. 

Break Through Like Gohan

breaking through your limitBreaking Through Your Limitation: You Never Knew You Had It in You

Do you know Dragon Ball? Yeah, I’m talking about anime. The main guy is called Son Goku and he has a son, Gohan. Gohan is a quiet and shy boy but when his emotion maxes out by anger, he becomes unbelievably strong. He at first couldn't control that but later he could control such superpower. 

If you are quiet like him, learn how to increase your energy level so you can max out your abilities. You CAN learn to do that through kendo. I’ve done that myself and I have seen many people increases their energy level.

When you train kendo in the right way, you can become whoever you’ve wanted to become. Don’t give up on yourself. If you are small, use your footwork. If you are big, learn how to put pressure. If you are skinny, learn to use your opponent’s strength. If you tend to use muscles, learn how to relax. 

Control yourself and use your body effectively. You’ll love the result. 

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