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Sep 01, 2010
Mind And Body
by: Anonymous

How do you integrate the mind and body? Sorry if it seems like an impossible question to answer. Is it kikentaiichi?

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thank you for your comment. It is ki-ken-tai-icchi as well. But I am talking about something we experience daily.

For example, many have experience ?I?m off today? once or twice in their lives. Sometimes you feel OK but your body does not listen to you but you do not know why.

Or even though you are tired but your body moves unexpectedly well. This happens when you train really hard and your body cannot move anymore but your strike gets better somehow.

When your mind and body function together in harmony, you feel satisfied and fulfilled. You can do so in daily life but we try to harmonize body and mind intentionally in kend? training.

Hope this helps.

Aug 31, 2010
Resetting you own clock
by: Santiago B. Tejada

Try kirikaeshi. Go both, slow and fast. Do not forget to relax your shoulders and aim for men strike (not shinai strike.)

Kendo-Guide.Com: Good one! Thanks for the advice.

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