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Oct 12, 2011
Not only beginners.
by: Andy

I would say that this site isn't only for beginners. Professional athletes at the top of their game do so well NOT because they have discovered tricks or techniques that others don't know about but rather because they have mastered the basics. Those of us lower-down may think we have the basics down but one can always get better.

One thing I enjoy about this site is the concentration on basic skills. During my last promotion exam the sensei in charge (7-dan) of the promotions also stressed to everybody to master the basics of kendo (large men, joge buri, etc.).

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Oct 12, 2011
Fundamentals are key
by: Joe

Regardless of whether you are a shoshinsha (beginner) or dai-sensei (gran master), the fundamentals are always key to your success in kendo. If you forget the fundamentals, your kendo will be imperfect, no matter how many times you strike your opponent.

Your sensei will teach you proper footwork first, then how to swing, your posture, and then how to put it all together with your kiai and zansin.

Even candidates for hachidan go back to the very beginning of their kendo training and reinforce their skills with basic kendo. This helps them identify problem areas, as well as helps them get back on track if they're having difficulties with their delivery.

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