Thinking too much?

by Jeong

I recently had a shiai with my master's son. I seem to wait too long when I try to see his opening. He says I think too much. But, I really was not thinking too much... I think... So, what could be my problem?

Answer: Thank you for your post. I understand how you feel.
This is how you should take advices from teachers (sensei), seniors (sempai) and other people.

Most of the time, we do not know what we are doing. And we do not really know how we are seen by others. What others tell us is what we are really doing even though we think we are not doing what they tell us.

If your opponent or people who are looking at your jigeiko (sparing) think that you were thinking too much, then somehow you looked “thinking too much”.

Some reasons that you looked thinking too much:

- You were not very active but rather passive. i.e. not initiating but reacting to your opponent’s moves.
- You stopped your striking a half way through. i.e. you did not complete your strike because you thought you could not hit a target.
- You stopped yelling. Beginners tend to stop yelling when they concentrate too much.
- You are thinking too much “to strike perfectly”.
- You are thinking too much “not to get hit”.

When you do jigeiko with high grade holders or better than you are, you know you will get hit. So don’t worry about getting hit. The most important thing is to keep yourself brave and strike with determination.

Hope this helps.

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