the way to put tenugui on neatly

by Charlotte

I keep having troubles with my tenugui, and nobody seems to have a solution:

I'm using a default-sized tenugui. I think my head is pretty averagely (female-) sized, just as well.

But when I tie my tenugui around my head, I have got such long left-overs (the parts you fold backwards over your head...?) and they'll reach straight to my neck, so it always looks not very tidy. Even if I fold it or roll it up it will look strange. What might be the reason?

Answer: Wow. It goes straight to your neck? That is long. When you fold it, do you fold in or out? You want to fold in so the leftover tenugui stays in.

You may want to try other ways there are two more ways to put your tenugui on. Take a look at this video. How to put a tenugui on starts around 4:30.

I think the first one is what you do now. The second one is probably good for you because your tenugui is big. 

There is a way in which you fold your tenugui like a cap so you just put it on. If I can find a video, I will post it here.

Hope it helps.

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