The Kendo Environment.

by Barbara
(New Jersey)

I'm a 14 year old  American girl, looking into kendo. I was just wondering what the environment is really like in kendp. Would it be different for me, as a girl, or even as an American? I was just wondering.

It seems like such a beautiful art form, and something I'll definitely benefit from. :P Just asking before I get any plans. Thanks for your time ^^

Kendo-Guide.Com:  Thank you for being interested in ken. Anyone can start ken. It is Japanese martial arts and carries a lot of Japanese traditional aspects. If you are willing to accept the Japanese cultural aspects, I am sure you will enjoy.

Ken does not choose people. Those who do ken choose their members. So you should find people who are willing to share their knowledge with you.

Here is a list of dojos in NJ.

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