The Japanese Don't Like It When Westerners Ask About Samurai?

by James

A friend of mine was on a Japanese forum and asked a Japanese guy something about Samurai. That person responded rudely to him.

Based off of that I figured that I couldn't ask Japanese people about Samurai, but I also questioned why.

Is it ok for wagamamas like us to ask Japanese people about Samurai?

Surely, you can ask the Japanese about samurai. But remember some things as well.

It is NOT OK for you to expect answers about samurai from all the Japanese. Being Japanese does not mean they know about samurai. There are many non-Japanese people who know about Japan more than I do. Seriously…

Some Japanese do not like the stereotypical images of Japan. i.e. Japan = sushi, geisha, samurai, anime, manga, ninja and so on.

So it is OK for you to ask the Japanese about samurai but there are some possibilities that they do not like such questions or they do not know anything about samurai.

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