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Jan 21, 2011
Kendo within Fitness Science
by: Santiago B. Tejada

We have read many times that when the human body reaches the point of exhaustion, the chances for self-inflicted injuries are greater.

As Imafuji sensei indicates, careful attention must be paid to practicing individuals to prevent injuries to themselves and/or others.

It is also necessary to be aware of practicing environmental conditions since external heat may precipitate dehydration, exhaustion and body
temperature increased to dangerous levels (hyperthermia), in particular when wearing bogu.

We must also bear in mind that highly frequent extreme efforts may deplete muscles and injure ligaments. That is why today's Fitness Science recommends
the inclusion of a resting day or period for the muscle group intervened to allow for muscular tissue repair and recovery.

During practice, if a ligament hurts, stop, check it and take care of it ASAP. (Both of my shoulders are good witness to that.)

Kendo is to be enjoyed even when practiced intensively. Be safe, not sorrow.

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thank you for sharing! I remember when I snapped my left Achilles tendon, I had pains for about one week. Then during kakari-geiko, it snapped!

I completely agree with resting when you feel pains in somewhere. I learned how to deal with the pains and trained with the pain. But I paid for it.

I had to have a surgery on the left Achilles tendon and the left shoulder because I did not stop training when I felt pains. 

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