Taking too long to strike?

by Faye

Hi. I am sort of new to Kendo. My senpais have told me that oftentimes, I wait too long to strike in jigeiko, and it's obvious that I'm thinking about where I should strike next.

Are there any tips or good exercises or advice to lessen my time thinking and spend more time striking?

Thank you!

Answer: Faye, thank you for your question. So, I assume that you are thinking what to strike next. To remove “thinking time”, you need to do kakari-geiko. Kakri-geiko is a training method that you keep striking whatever the target you think you should strike. It doesn’t matter if you hit the targets or not, you just keep striking. It’s hard training but it works to help you think less.

This is not a tip, but more of an advice. When going against someone higher than you, don’t fight like them. When you wait, they will get you. When you strike, they will get you. Whatever you do, they will get you. So, your job in jigeiko going against higher grade holders is to strike properly when you get into your distance. I probably should say, you get into your striking distance and just go for it, especially when you’re a beginner.

Hope this helps!

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