Tactics Against Nitto-ryu and Jodan

by Val Serezhkin

What is the most effective tactics in shiai against nitto-ryu and jodan kendokas?

These types of kamae are rarely used so there is almost zero-level info about it in Europe.

So I am asking to get general knowledge in order not to be shocked when I meet unusual kamae kendoka in shiai.

I want to know general tips and their weak points.

Answer: This is a good question. Since the number of words I can write here is limited, I just have to go through really general tips.

1. Use your footwork: You do not want to stay at one place. Move to the right and left.

2. Do not go backwards all the time: They have more reach. Going backwards means letting them to strike you.

3. Do not be afraid: Do not worry about getting hit. They are also afraid of you. Do not hesitate to strike them.

4. Know your own distance: Since they have more reach than you, you really have to know your distance. Practice how you can get into your own distance fast and strike.

5. Practice tsuki and gyakudo: These are very advanced. If you are not allowed to execute tsuki, then you cannot do tsuki in shiai. So you have to check the shiai regulations of your federation.

Tsuki is very effective against nito and jodan. They know that too. That means they also practice how to counterattack against tsuki.

Gyakudo is just another option for chudan to strike. Even though gyakudo is hard to get a point in shiai, why do we have to limit our targets?

6. Strike hidari (left) kote above your opponent’s chest: We can get a point by striking the left kote if it is above the chest of your opponent.

So you can strike the hidari-kote of jodan. If nito has his/her left hand up above their chest, you can strike his/her hidari-kote.

I think these are the general tips against nito and jodan. More tips are really welcome here!

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