Suburi in Seiza

by Anthony Corriero
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

I want to continue my Kendo training, but can't start classes at this moment.  I want to get a head start by practicing suburi at home. 

I want to practice suburi in seiza since I can't stand in kamae and cut in a room within my house.  I don't have enough space.  What type of cuts should I perform and how many a day to improve my Kendo?

Answer: Thank you for your question. Yes, you can do suburi either in seiza or sonkyo.

About how many suburi (empty cuts) you should do. That depends. But if you are just starting, you should concentrate on the form.

Since you are sitting in seiza or sonkyo, you cannot do jōge buri. But you should lower your sword as low as possible so you can still learn how your wrists should move when you strike. The points you should pay attention are the same as jōge buri.

My advice to you is…

Firstly, you should learn a good form.

Then, you increase the number of suburi.

Hope this helps.

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